Rosary Making Workshop

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make our cord-knot rosaries?  Would your group like to learn to make these rosaries to send to the mission fields or sell for fundraising?  For years our rosary making workshops have helped teach this fun and fulfilling hobby to thousands of participants.

James Hahn leads a fun, engaging, and entertaining rosary making workshop for any group (ages 11 and up recommended).  These workshops include instruction for making the rosaries, personal testimony, and a history of the rosary all in an exciting and engaging format.  Your ladies group, KofC council, PSR/CCD class, Homeschool or Catholic School classes are sure to be inspired to not only make rosaries but pray them and spread devotion to Our Lady and the Rosary.

The cost of each workshop is extremely affordable.  James only asks for a $40 transportation stipend for workshops within 100 miles of his home.  We would also ask for a "free-will" offering from participants to help cover the cost of the materials.

Each participant will receive a rosary making tool and enough twine to make both a Single-Decade Chaplet and a full Rosary, and up to 2 hours of hands-on instruction.

If you would like to bring James to your group for a Rosary Making Workshop, contact us as soon as possible.  Early booking is recommended as time slots fill quickly, especially during October and May.  Please contact us if your area is outside the 100 mile radius from Logan, OH.  Book a workshop today!

Please Note: We often have requests for workshops that include the entire family, all ages.  We are happy to offer this and recommend younger students make the plastic bead rosaries while older participants make the cord-knot rosaries.  If this is something you are interested in, please let us know and we can give you the details on this type of program.

Feel free to contact us with questions or ideas for a different workshop format.  We're always open to how Our Lady may be directing us!!

"The Hahn Family visited our parish to share their Rosary Making Ministry. They have a beautiful Ministry of making Knot Rosaries, it was very heartwarming to have all of the Hahn Family share their rosary making skills. The Hahn teenage boys, James and Nicole taught different groups of people from our parish how to make the rosaries. I enjoyed learning that the rosaries are good for people to have who are in situations where metals rosaries aren't allowed." - Denise Zimmerman, Director of Family Faith Formation, St. Patrick Catholic Church, London, OH.



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