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Thanks for clicking on the link.  We love helping people discover their lives within the mysteries of the rosary.  We also love helping others achieve their goals.  We want to partner with you and help you, your business, or organization.  

Here are some ways we can help!....


Business partners enjoy free advertising with Real Life Rosary.  Each year we mail out thousands of rosaries.  We often include business cards and free samples from our business partners.  It's a great way to share your company or product with other Catholics.  Contact us for details and information on sharing your business with our customers!

Current Business Partners:

Yummy Dippers

James Hahn, Catholic Life Insurance Counselor

A Prayer Life


3) BUY BULK AND RE-SELL (Individuals or Groups)

Tried and true fundraiser used by many youth groups and church organizations has been selling our rosaries after Masses.  With our Surprise-Me Rosaries, this is easy to do.  Simply advertise your fundraiser in the church bulletin, flyer, or school newsletter.  Set up after Masses with a table and sell our rosaries for a good profit.  Surprise-Me Rosaries are available for as low as $4.99 each.  Your group can then re-sell them for $8-$10 each and make a good profit for your efforts.

If your group also signs up for our affiliate program, you could put a label on each rosary package with your link and encourage customers to visit the page for more items and more income for you!  This is fundraising made easy!


4) REWARD AND REFERRAL PROGRAM (Individuals, Businesses, Groups)

Here's how to get a FREE rosary from Real Life Rosary (you pay shipping)

1) Create an account with Real Life Rosary by clicking on the "Rewards" tab at the bottom of the page. 300 BEADS

2) Like and share Real Life Rosary on your favorite social media sites. 50-250 BEADS

3) Refer friends.  When you sign up, you'll receive a referral link.  When they click on the link, they'll get a 20% discount and you'll get 300 beads when they purchase something.  Post this referral link on your social media pages, blogs, and in each email signature for awesome results.

600 BEADS = $10 off = a free rosary + shipping.  

We're so excited to tell you about our new Rewards & Referral Program where you can earn serious discounts when you shop or refer others to our store.  
Earn 300 Gold Beads and get a $5 discount 
Earn 600 Gold Beads and get a $10 discount
Earn 1500 Gold Beads and get a $25 discount
Earn Gold Beads by:
1) Creating an Account - 300 Gold Beads
2) Sharing on Facebook - 50 Gold Beads
3) Sharing on Twitter - 50 Gold Beads
4) Liking on Facebook - 50 Gold Beads
5) Follow on Instagram - 50 Gold Beads
6) Follow on Twitter - 50 Gold Beads
7) Refer Friends - 300 Gold Beads plus they get a 20% coupon!
8) Birthday Present - 300 Gold Beads
Get started by clicking the REWARD PROGRAM button below!