Talents on Loan from God

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Saint Catherine of Siena said that, "if you are what you should be, you will set the world on fire."  Today's Gospel is about just that, being what you should be.

In Jesus' parable about the talents we quickly realize that everyone is given gifts or talents, to use for God's purposes.  They are, however, on loan, at least to begin with.  I love that the passage says, "[he] entrusted his possessions to them."  It's a good reminder that, as Rush Limbaugh says, our talents are, "on loan from God."  These talents belong to God.  Yet he gives them to each of us, "according to his ability (v.15)."  God doesn't give us talents that we are incapable of using.

So, why do we hold back?  Why do we not use God's gifts as we should?  Why do we not sing in the choir when everyone says we have an awesome voice?  Why do we not use our outgoing personality to bring cheer to the sick and elderly in hospitals and nursing homes?  Why do we not hone our writing or speaking gifts to enable us to lead others to Christ?  Why do we not use our love for literature to simply help another to learn to read?

The questions could go on and on.  The Gospel gives us the deep underlying answer at the root of all of our excuses, "out of fear I went off and buried your talent in the ground." (emphasis mine)  It is too often out of fear that we hide our His gifts and talents.  We are most often afraid of failing or we are afraid of what others might think.

We have nothing to fear.  I'll state it again, we have nothing to fear.  God has given us our His talents.  He has given them to us according to our ability.  He will help us use them.  He does not expect success but rather faithfulness.  He doesn't expect great things and he'll be happy if we but at least try.  The lazy servant didn't even try.  He would have been happy if the lazy servant would have at least shown a little initiative and put the talents in a bank to gain interest, but he didn't.  Rather, he let fear rule his life.

So, then, are you going to let fear rule your life or are you going to trust God?  He trusts you.  He trusts you enough to give you the wonderful talents He wants you to use and, as a bonus, He'll help you use them!  It's a pretty good deal.  Fear not, use your talents for His glory and our blessing!

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