Storing Up Riches for Others

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I can't help but think of this passage every time I pass a self-storage business. Yes, that means I think of this passage a lot. Like weeds of greed along the highways and byways they dot the landscape in every city. For folks on a pilgrimage, we sure gather a lot of junk. Yet, hardly ever do we consider parting with our junk.

After reading today's Gospel I couldn't help but think of the many families that have been torn apart because of fighting over inheritance. I have read stories of brothers and sisters in vicious law suits attacking and counter attacking each other over land, furniture, and jewelry. This is probably what was happening with the person who approached Jesus.

It is interesting that Jesus never says that one cannot be rich. He never says, that by default, being rich automatically condemns one to perdition. However, His warnings are always against the love of money or love of things. I can't take any of it with me. How I live here so it goes in eternity. How I live here is what I leave behind. I want to leave behind a family that loves me because of my love for Christ. I want to leave behind holy men and women (children) destined to become saints because I was obedient to God in much. I don't want to leave behind barns filled with junk that no matter who receives them will ultimately end in rust, dust, and ashes. I want to be rich in what matters to God.

FROM THE SAINTS - "Detach yourself from the goods of this world. Love and practice poverty of spirit: be content with what is sufficient for leading a simple and temperate life. Otherwise, you'll never be an apostle." "True poverty is not to lack things but to be detached, to give up voluntarily one's dominion over them. That's why some poor people are really rich...and vice versa." Saint Josemaria Escriva

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