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UPDATE - December 15th, 2019

Now earn 20% commission on all sales and 40% on select items!!

Skip the story and get started earning...

Have you every found a product or service that you loved and so you just naturally shared it with everyone?  Maybe it was health product, plumber, book, or phone service.  You made a great choice, loved the result, and wanted to share your experience with others.  Did you get paid to make that recommendation?  Probably not.  Did you care?  Probably not.  But what if you could earn a few dollars by sharing the things you love?

Of course we're assuming you love Real Life Rosary, our products, and our mission to help everyone discover their life within the mysteries of the rosary.  If that's you, we'd love to partner with you through our new affiliate program.

You see advertising on the internet is often expensive and ineffective.  So, we'd rather pay you for any sales you happen to send our way.  When someone admires your beautiful handcrafted St. George Rosary and asks where you got it, why not tell them and send them to your very own link.  They can get the rosary and you get a commission.

Yes, it is that easy.

This program is great for just about anyone and the more creative you are the more potential you have to make.  We've even had folks make up business cards with their link on them and hand them out to friends and coworkers!

The video below shows you how to get started.  It's easy and free and we would appreciate you being a partner with us.  Before you get to the video though, here are some ideas for sharing your unique link with the world and helping you get more potential sales....

1) Send out an email to your contacts letting them know how much you like Real Life Rosary and you think they may too.  Include your link or better yet, share a coupon with them for 10% off (details in the video).  They'll get a great product, a 10% discount, and you'll get 20% of the sale.

2) Post your link to Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, etc).  Let folks know how you think they'll really benefit from what we have to offer.

3) Steal one of our pictures off of our website and use it on your website with your unique link.

4) Give your link to your DRE and tell them to check out the First Communion and Confirmation Rosaries, and books.

5) Share your link on the parish website or in the bulletin and promise Father a percentage (or maybe all) of the commissions.

There are tons of ways to help promote your link and earn commissions.  We'll add more here as we think of them or hear of them.  If you need help getting started, let us know.

Thanks, Real Life Rosary


Video #2 How to create specific links to products or blog posts to share with your clients.

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