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Every year I really get into the season of Advent around December 20th.  You too?  Isn't it amazing how after Thanksgiving time speeds up to Mach 3  and then slows down just enough for you to put your head out the window and realize Christmas is in a few days, a day, passing by, yesterday....

Advent is really supposed to be a time of reflection and preparation.  It is supposed to be a little like Lent.  It should be a time to slow down, read the scriptures each day, contemplate the Lord, and rejoice in His birth.  I never seem to make that happen.  I'm too busy in the day to day.  I haven't made the time.  And that is the problem.

My wife feels the same way.  She recognizes that the time goes too fast and the Lord gets put to the side like a forgotten Elf on the Shelf.  Each year she feels enormous pressure to make lists, buy for all of the godchildren, make gifts for teachers, cook, clean, and oh yeah, pray when time allows.

This year we're trying to change all of that each in our own way.

Nicole is currently following a plan that helps you get all of the shopping and stuff out of the way before Advent begins.  Wow, what a novel idea!  It's so much easier said than done but thankfully there are others who have done the planning for us.  If you want to clear up your Advent for the things that matter, we highly recommend visiting The Christmas Shopping Challenge over at Catholic Sistas.  BTW, I love their tag line "Perspective from the Neck."  If you need help with that one, let me know.  PLEASE NOTE:  If the links above don't work they are still having trouble with their website.  You can also follow and join in via Instagram.

I am looking to dive more deeply into the scriptures.  Wait, let me back up.  I'm going to help Nicole achieve the above mentioned goals, then I want to dive more deeply into the scriptures.  The readings for each day of Advent are so rich and a joy to read.  I'll be hosting another online scripture study and discussion during Advent using my book 4 Simple Steps to Better Scripture Meditations.  You can either get the newly revised edition that includes workbook and journal pages for 31 days or you can simply download the worksheet pages from our site.  Each day I'll post the link to the readings and link to the blog here with my meditations and insights into the readings.  Participants are encouraged to post the same either here for each post or on our Facebook Group page.  Need a personal invitation?  Well, here it is!

We realize that on November 1st all of the stores will be magically transformed into winter wonderlands.  Also, Halloween candy will be on sale, but I digress.  Maybe, the stores have it right, in a sense.  Maybe we would do better to begin to examine the Christmas season earlier, get the shopping and such out of the way, then focus on the real reason for the season, Jesus.  We hope your Advent is a calm, peaceful, and fruitful one.

Happy Advent!!!

Here's some gift ideas:

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Ages 8 and up: Rosary, Chaplet, Key-chain, Necklace, Bracelet.
Teachers: Rosary, Giant Wall Rosary, A Visit to Church, Rosary Meditations for Real Life
Priest: Rosary, A Visit to Church, Rosary Meditations for Real Life, 4 Simple Steps

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