Day 2 - 90 Day Adventure through the Bible

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Read Genesis Chapters 5-8

Today, again, we are presented first with a birds-eye view before zooming back into the main story.  In chapter 5 we see the genealogy of Adam's descendants to Noah.  You'll notice in the reading a consistent almost rhythmic pattern as the genealogy is told.  There are only two exceptions and these are meant to get our attention.  The first occurs in verses 21-24.  Here we learn about Enoch.  Enoch, we are told was a man of God, he walked with God (like Adam).  We are also led to believe that he didn't die but was rather taken up to God.  You'll also notice that his lifespan was much shorter than the others listed.  The second change in the pattern occurs when we are introduced to Noah.  We are told not only his name but what it means.

In Chapter 6 we learn that man has grown wicked in the generations since the fall of Adam and Eve.  Noah alone finds favor with God and so God launches a plan to rid the world of wickedness and basically start over.  Noah is commanded to build an ark.  This large ship will preserve the good things God has made when He floods the earth.

It's interesting that Noah didn't have to go out and gather the animals, they came to him (6:20).  I've heard stories of animals, even predator and prey, gathering together in the midst of cataclysmic weather events.  I'd like to think that God guided the animals to Noah but it's also not unthinkable that they sensed a great event about to happen and moved to higher ground where the ark was stationed.

The animals, Noah, his wife, his sons and their wives all enter the ark two by two.  We'll see that it is pairs that enter the ark but families that disembark (8:19).  The rains came for forty days and forty nights and many think that that is how long Noah and all were on the ark.  Careful reading of chapter 8 shows us that they were on the ark for about a year and two months.  This too would explain why 1) we are told that the animals came off the ark as families(8:19) and 2) how Noah was able to sacrifice animals on the altar he made(8:20-21).

Chapter 8 ends with God promising to never destroy the earth again by water.  It's interesting to note that many ancient creation stories include a similar great flood story.  It makes one wonder why this story in it's many forms is so prevalent.

In these readings too the Church sees great symbolism.  The flood can be seen as a type of Baptism wiping away sin.  The ark can be seen as a type of the Church which protects those within from the raging storms and floods of life.


What other symbolism did you see in the readings?
Where is God's Blessing and Jesus' Bloodline at this point in the story?
Do you think the flood actually happened?  Why or Why Not?
Does Jesus ever refer to the flood or Noah?

For tomorrow read Genesis chapters 9-11

Have you joined our 90 Day Adventure through the Bible?  It begins Thursday November 28th.  Join us and see yourself in the story of Salvation!  All the details are here!

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  • Your last question did Jesus ever mention Noah or the flood, my answer is yes. In Matthew 24: 37- 39 Jesus says, As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of man. For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the Ark, and they did not know until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of man.

    LuAnn on

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