Casting Out Into the Deep

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Luke 5:1-11

I believe there's more to this story than what is being reported.  Something doesn't add up.  Jesus uses Peter's boat to preach from, He tells Peter to cast out his nets into the deep.  Peter hesitates but then does so at Jesus' commanded.  Peter then catches a boat load of fish.  Peter's reaction? - "Depart from me Lord, for I am a sinful man."  No "thank you!", "wow", or "how in the world."  Something doesn't seem right.

I'd guess that Peter, being sinfully human like the rest of us, said more than, "we've been out all night but okay."  I know I would have said more, at least under my breath.  I know I have said more!  Knowing Peter's tendencies to blurt out just about anything I'm guessing Luke charitably left out the other parts of the story, maybe at Peter's request.

I can imagine Peter saying or at least mumbling something like this: "Look, carpenter, you are a carpenter right?  Leave the fishing to us.  Can't you see we're done for the night.  We've just about got all these nets washed and repaired and there's no way we're throwing them back in.  I let you use my boat to do your teaching thing but this is a bit much."  I can easily hear this rough and tough fisherman taking Jesus to task out in the boat away from the crowds.

For me, this would explain why Peter would ask Jesus to, "depart from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man."  Peter realizes how sinful he is after all that he said to this man who just performed such a miracle.  This would also explain why Jesus would say, "Do not be afraid."  Peter was fearful of being in the presence of such a man.

What sort of effect did all of this have on Peter and his partners?  "They left everything and followed him."  They left everything: boats, nets, and even that huge fresh catch, everything.

Lord, help me to try one more time today.  I am tired.  I feel like I've tried everything.  Ashamedly, I sometimes feel like I know more than you about life.  But, at your command, I'll do it again because I know you want what is best for me.  I trust you, help me try one more time.

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