Can the weeds become wheat?

Posted by James Hahn on

Matthew 13:36-43

You ask, "Why not pull up the weeds?" 
I respond, "You may pull up the wheat as well!"

You ask for more, "Why else?  Is there another reason?" 
My answer is this, "So that the weeds may have the opportunity, even unto the last moment, to become wheat!"

You further question, "How can this be, how can these noxious, poisonous, often deadly tares become wheat??"

I answer in this way, "How could the murderous weed Saul become Paul!?  How could the lustful tare Augustine become a doctor of the Church!?  How could that worldly weed Francis embrace poverty of spirit!?  How could the prostitute, Mary of Egypt, give herself completely to God alone!?  How could the satanic priest, Bartolo Longo, become a devoted son of Our Lady!?  How could the porn addicted murderer of St. Maria Goretti witness her beatification and now be on his way to the ranks of great intercessors?  How did a weed who murdered babies in the womb like Dr. Bernard Nathanson become wheat to bear fruit?  Does not He who changes water into wine or bread and wine into His own Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity have the power to change tares into wheat?"

"What about you!? Are you wheat or a weed today?  If you are a weed, ask the master of the harvest for patience!  Ask the harvester for the grace to become fruitful, abundant wheat!  Are you wheat?  Ask for the grace to bear even more fruit - 30, 60 ,100 fold or more!  The Lord of the harvest has the power to change entire fields and generations of fields into fruitful wheat for the Kingdom.  Let us ask Him to do so today!"

"If the patience of God did  not come to the aid of the tares, the Church would not have either Matthew as an Evangelist after having been a tax collector, or Paul as an Apostle after having been a persecutor." - Saint Peter Chrysologus

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