Becoming a Dishonest Steward

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Saturday November 11th, 2017

St. Martin of Tours
Veterans Day, USA

Luke 16:9-15

Not long ago Nicole and I started working on our Total Money Makeover, a program from Mr. Dave Ramsey. This program helps teach its "disciples" how to get completely out of debt and grow wealth. It is by no means a get-rich-quick program but rather a get-rich-slowly and permanently program.

Part of this program is realizing how damaging debt can be. After reading the book we realized that what we owed was really keeping us in bondage and would do so if we didn't act radically. We sat down and wrote a budget. We looked for ways to cut costs. We began searching the basement for items to sell that would help us pay down our debts quickly. We have a plan and it is slowly working and we are very excited about it.

Today's Gospel illustrates a hard lesson and it relates directly to what we are currently doing. We, like that dishonest steward, are wise enough to see what is happening to our finances and family to make drastic changes that will enable us to survive and perhaps thrive in the future. We, like him, see the signs around us and act accordingly to ensure our future. Like the dishonest steward, we have stopped the squandering of the gifts given to us. We have acted prudently and our family will be that much better off for us having done so.

So why is this a hard lesson? It is a hard lesson because Jesus is saying, "if you are wise enough to act in such a way with the things of this world that are passing, why do you not act similarly with eternal things? Why do you not sit down and work out a spiritual budget? Why do you not look for the things that waste your time, time you could spend with me? Why do you not rid yourself of the things in the basement of your soul that separate yourself from me? Why do you not examine your sins, what you owe, and have a Total Soul Makeover?"

A hard lesson indeed! Am I a child of this world or a child of light? Am I squandering my master's property? Lord, help me to act prudently and according to your will in all areas of my life.

Another program that we have not yet studied but one that is Catholic and highly recommended is  The Seven Steps to Becoming Financially Free by Phil Lenahan.

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