All the Cool Kids are joining the Rosary Club!

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Rosary of the Month Club members are beautiful, intelligent, and popular and those are just some of the perks of being a member.  Other benefits of being a member include:
  • One beautifully handcrafted rosary sent right to your mailbox each month.  These high-quality, beautiful, unbreakable rosaries are made by the Hahn Family, here in good ole Ohio, just for you.
  • Bonus gifts with your monthly mailing.  We won't be mailing fruitcake or address labels.  Our member bonus gifts are things like chaplets, key-chains, necklaces, Saint medals, prayer cards, candy, and more.
  • Members automatically become part of our Research and Development Team (no lead vests or crash helmets required).  When we are thinking of adding a new color rosary to our selection, you'll get one first and be asked to give us your opinion on it.  If we get an idea for a new product like a chaplet or 300 decade rosary, we'll send it to you first to give us a thumbs-up or lay-off-the-juice response.
  • The cost of membership is only $11.95 per month.  That's only $2.76 a week.  That's only .39 cents a day!  Which rounds out to 2 pennies an hour and you can probably find that much in the parking lot or sofa.  
  • Annual memberships change the numbers to $10.95 per month, $2.52 per week, .36 cents per day, or .015 cents an hour which is practically free.  It's not really free, but it practically is free.  Or, as we put it on the webpage, you get a month free with the annual membership.

So, what are you waiting on?  Oh, really?  How long do you expect that to take?  Oh, okay.  Well, while you're waiting, visit our Rosary of the Month Club page to become a member.  It's quick and easy and you won't be disappointed, promise.  If you are disappointed, I'll cry but once I pull myself together, I'll do everything I can to make you happy again (I'm sure there should be some fine print here but let's move on..).

Also, consider giving a subscription as a gift.  Imagine the delight and surprise as your loved one receives a unique hand-crafted rosary each month along with other gifts.  You'll be their favorite (circle one) son, daughter, husband, boss, wife, child, sibling, neighbor, parishioner, nemesis, super-hero, troll, or politician.

Here's some of our previous club mailings.....

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