A birthday poem for the Blessed Mother

Posted by James Hahn on

Sweet Mother of gentle face,
New Eve of Adam's race,
Conduit of eternal grace,
Give your radiance to this place.

Holy Virgin gentle and mild,
Kiss softly your simple child,
Guide urges often wild,
Call us back, those exiled.

Lovely Lady free from sin,
Help us to begin again,
Quiet evil's frightful din,
Pour forth His grace upon all men.

Hold us with graceful arm,
Wrapped in mantle free from harm,
Sweet kisses like a charm,
Tricks of Satan, you disarm.

Bless this day of your birth,
Queen of Heaven, Queen of earth,
Object of Our Father's mirth,
In your presence sin is dearth.

More poetry by James M. Hahn available in The Last Dragon and other Poems, available November 2017

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