90 Day Rosary of Reparation - Day 6

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The Sorrowful Mysteries - for 
Victims of Abuse

The Agony in the Garden - By day a Garden of beauty, peace, and rest. By night a place of deceit, abandonment, and betrayal. In the Garden Jesus wept and prayed for those abused by others. He prayed for those who were abused and betrayed by those who should have known better as He too was betrayed. He prayed for those who abused and those who caused the pain. He prayed for His disciples and healed the soldier’s ear.

Lord Jesus, Your Church is now in darkness. The sins of abuse have injured so many. Those in the position of authority have, like Judas, betrayed those who loved them. Yet in the midst of this darkness we know you too are here in the Garden of Agony. Through the graces You won on the Cross bring light to this darkened garden and make it a place once again of light, beauty, peace, and safety.

The Scourging at the Pillar - An innocent victim is abused, taunted, and ridiculed. Though God made man, He experiences the pain and fear of all those who have been physically abused. His flesh is torn asunder for those whose bodies have been violated by evil men and women throughout history in the world and even in the Church.

Heavenly Father, send forth Your Spirit and give us renewed sense of awe and wonder at being created in “your image and likeness.” Help us to never again see another as someone to use or abuse for our own pleasure or desires. Heal Your Church of this plague and may we endure the abuses hurled against You and Your Church in reparation for the sins of our brothers and sisters. May our wounds, like those of Your Son, bring about healing in those who have suffered abuse.

The Crowning with Thorns - Any angry husband towers over his wife speaking words of abuse. A bully corners a young boy on the playground and derides the way he is dressed. A young woman belittles an elderly woman suffering from dementia. A young man is given a crown of thorns, spat upon, and mocked. In this mystery, let us pray for those who suffer verbal and emotional abuse.

Lord Jesus, You embraced Your crown, cloak, and insults out of love. Though innocent You remained silent trusting in the will of the Father. Pour forth the graces won for us during this time of mockery. Heal those affected by words of abuse. Heal those tormented by emotional abuse. May we offer our sufferings in reparation for these unjust acts upon our brothers and sisters.

The Carrying of the Cross - So often the victims of abuse carry their cross for their entire lives. Afraid and ashamed they keep it to themselves and in doing so the cross becomes heavier and the voices of self-hate and disgust grow louder. In this mystery let us become Simon of Cyrene for others. Let us help them with their crosses of abuse. If we have been abused, may we let others be Simon for us!

Lord Jesus, You carried the Cross to Calvary out of love for each of us. Though God, You did not spurn the help of Simon. You allowed him to share in your suffering and it became a treasured gift for the remainder of His earthly life. Give us the graces to allow others to help us with our crosses, for only the devil wants to keep them hidden. Give us also the strength to help others with their crosses, especially the cross of abuse.

The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus - Abuse of any kind is the most wretched of sins. It takes another, created in the image and likeness of God, and treats them as thought they were animals. Regardless of the type of abuse, it is very opposite of love, it is use. It is using another as a means to an end. In this mystery let us contemplate Our Lord’s final moments, broken, bruised, and abandoned.

Lord Jesus, how many of your brothers and sisters too throughout the world have been broken, abused, and abandoned! Let us not despair, however, let us not end this meditation in tears but in hope for the Cross was not Your final word. It was the true Sermon on the Mount but not your greatest discourse. As we gaze upon the Cross in tears over our sins and the sins of abuse, especially those committed in the Church, remind us that You have the power to take what is broken, bruised, and abandoned and make all things new!

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