90 Day Rosary of Reparation

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On September 9th, 2018, the day after the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we will begin a 90 Day Rosary of Reparation that will end on December 7th, 2018, the eve of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady.  This will be 90 days of praying the rosary each day in reparation for the sins in the Church, especially those that have recently come to light.  Each day the mysteries for the day will be posted on our Facebook Group page along with occasional meditations and other resources.  We also have a 90 Day Intention Sheet that you can download.

Please consider joining us in praying the rosary every day for those 90 days.  Please also consider inviting others to do the same.  Maybe even once a week, invite others to your home or parish to pray as a group.
As I read more and more about the scandals being uncovered within the Church to some of the highest levels, I am saddened.  These men were to be our shepherds in the image of Christ but they are the ones God is speaking to today in the first reading from Ezekiel 34:1-16.  They have failed horribly and should pay for their crimes and do penance.
I've also read a great deal about novenas like ours, special Masses, and times of sacrifice in reparation for the scandals committed.  These are well and good and should be commended.  We should also be praying for the victims of these crimes and their families.  I would like to also propose that we also work to make reparation for our own sins.
The clergy are in the spotlight for horrendous crimes and scandals, rightly so.  Yet they are an easy target.  It seems as though the entire country is picking up stones....  The laity are not simply innocent sheep beneath terrible shepherds.  We too are guilty of sins, sexual sins, as well.  Along with the culture we live in, we've been contracepting, masturbating, enjoying pornography, and all the other filth we can imagine.  Maybe not all of us but many, a great many.  If we weren't, this country would look much different.  The surveys and confessionals don't lie.
So, as we journey along these 90 days through the desert with Shemei* cursing us for being Catholic, let us offer our prayers and sufferings first for the victims and then in reparation for our sins and the sins of the wolves in Shepherd's clothing.
*David is walking along and being taunted by Shemei.  His officers offer to cut off Shemei's head but David refuses.  Instead, he accepts the insults as from the Lord and a way to make reparation and atonement. (2 Samuel 16:5-13)

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  • I WILL DO MY BEST1!!!!!!!!

  • I will certainly include you in my prayers!!

    James Hahn on
  • Please pray for me…

    Tamara M Tanner on
  • I will pray 90day novena starting Sept 9 till Dec 7 for sins of the church

    Mary Crowley on

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