2017 Rosary-A-Day Giveaway

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That's right!  For the month of October we will be giving away one of our handcrafted cord knot rosaries each day during the month of October, the month of the Rosary.

For your chance to win, simply visit our Rosary-A-Day page and complete the entry form. Each day we'll randomly pick a name to win a free rosary.  They've already been packaged and are ready to ship so the colors will be completely at random. 

In addition, we've placed four coupon codes in four random boxes.  Each code allows the winner to take $20 off of any purchase!!  

One winner per household. You may enter only once, repeat entries will be eliminated.  Daily winners will be listed on the blog (First Name, First Initial of Last Name).  Daily winners will also be notified via email.

When you enter you will be added to our mailing list but we don't send out many emails.  You will also be invited to create a free account on our site.  You don't have to do so but it gives you an instant $5 off and the opportunity to accumulate points for huge discounts.

Winners must be US residents unless the winner is willing to pay $15 International Shipping.  No purchase necessary.  Please contact us if you have any questions.
Make sure to not be selfish, share the love, and let others know!  Good luck!

The number of entries and the winners will be listed below...
Entries as of 10/9/2017 (updated daily not instantly) = 145


Early Bird Winners (Sept 28,29,30) -  Melissa D - OH (Rosary Meditations for Real Life & Rosary), Judy R - FL (4 Simple Steps to Better Scripture Meditations), Chris G. (4 Simple Steps to Better Scripture Meditations - Original)
Oct 1: Elizabeth G. - PA
Oct 2: Edward C. - MI
Oct 3: Becky F. - OH
Oct 4: Anna G. - OH
Oct 5: Jill R. - VA
Oct 6: Patricia S. - VA
Oct 7: Elizabeth C. - NH
Oct 8: Bret V. - CO
Oct 9: Susan D. - MI
Oct 10: 
Oct 11: 
Oct: 12 
Oct: 13 
Oct 14: 
Oct 15: 
Oct 16: 
Oct 17: 
Oct 18: 
Oct 19: 
Oct 20: 
Oct 21: 
Oct 22: 
Oct 23: 
Oct 24: 
Oct 25: 
Oct 26: 
Oct 27: 
Oct 28:
Oct 29: 
Oct 30: 
Oct 31: 
Oct 1, 2018 COULD BE YOU!!!!!!!

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