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Rosary Meditations for Real Life
 by James M. Hahn
lives.  Each mystery has a meditation on marriage, children, addictions, death, work, the Mass, as well as unique
meditations written in first person.  The mysteries of the Rosary come alive and are truly inspiring, bringing a renewed
vigor to one's soul.  I know that it will touch yours and the hearts of those in your family.
- John Du Mont
Regional Field Director
The Couple to Couple League
What a fresh approach to the Rosary!  The author manages to bring the Lord into everything from laundry and dishes to
marriage and children.  The thoughts and prayers in this book bring holiness to my everyday chores and it helps bring
Jesus to more human level for my 4 year-old.
- Stephanie Mansfield
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What a wonderful meditational guide.  I am very appreciative of James' Hahn.  He add a fresh insight to the rosary and
makes it come alive!  God Bless
Anonymous - online posting 4/22/05